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hipix (windows\linux\mac os)

Create Socially connected Pictures and Play
a Role in Your Speaking eBooks

hipix plus™ allows adding sounds, voices, links, contacts and more to your pictures. Share cool media-rich pictures at a fraction of the original JPEG file size from your PC.

hipix™ enhances eBooks experience by allowing users to be creative, and record themselves and play a role in the eBook. hipix™ enriches eBooks’ content by enabling the addition of audio, graphics, and text tags. hipix™ reduces the illustrated eBook’s size to a half while doubling the fun. read more

Windows (Xp/Vista/Win7)


Linux (Debian based) New Version Comming Soon

Mac (Intel based) New Version Comming Soon


hipix plus™ beta

hipix plus™ is a user friendly application, which transcodes digital photo files of various formats (JPG;TIFF;PCX;BMP etc.) to the hipix™ HPX file format, maintaining high quality image, while reducing the file size significantly.

The application allows transcoding and single-click sending of the resulting HPX files via the user’s default eMail service.

hipix plus™ allows annotating various kinds of tags to specific spots of the picture. The tags are saved encapsulated in the image file.

hipix plus™ allows compressing digital photo files by using one of many preset levels of quality, or to a specified file size.

The application is simple to use, and its main advantage lies in the compression scheme’s ability to compress the images more efficiently than any other existing still image compression scheme. To put it simple: The hipix plus™ produces better image resolution and/or quality at smaller files.

One can easily produce a personal greeting, a speaking Manga or comics, using hipix plus™

The hipix plus™ application utilizes the latest techniques of digital images display. The application allows viewing of hipix™ HPX images, and of many other formats, including JPG;TIFF;PCX;BMP and other files.

The hipix plus™ application allows exporting hipix™ HPX images to JPG and BMP formats, for manipulation using any photo editing software. It also allows rotating images, fast in or out zooming, displaying multi images, printing, saving and deleting images.