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  • hipix® Technology

    What is hipix®?

    hipix® is an advanced still image technology, allowing ultimate compression and unlimited display resolutions on any device.
    The technology utilizes existing (hardware) video support to provide still image users with ultimate performance, quality and efficiency on all platforms.
    hipix® is made available to application developers of all kinds, through a comprehensive set of Software development kits available for major platforms such as iOS, Android and Windows. Additional platform support, including embedded platform support can be obtained.

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  • hipix® Applications

    hipix® messaging, retail and other applications

    hipix®, compressing images from a mobile phones camera, on device, up to 5 times better, without compromising resolution or quality is ideal for photo sharing applications.
    Instant messengers, social networks and proffesional photo sharing clients can finally upload full resolution images without the bandwidth, time and size penalties.
    Retail applications utilize hipix® to provide vendors and buyers the option to display products in detail levels never before seen, without performance and cost penalties.

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  • hipix® Publishing

    hipix® for e-Publishing

    hipix® puts an end to the main problems of image rich e-Publishing:
    hipix® allows swift and responsive display of ultimate quality images with no resolution limits, on almost any device!
    hipix® reduces download sizes of publications typically to far below 50% - reducing download times and device footprint for the user, bandwidth and storage costs for the publisher.
    This makes hipix® an ideal choice for high quality e-books & e-magazines as well as commercial brochures and catalogs.

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  • hipix® Art

    The hipix® Art Initiative

    hipix® Art Initiative, bringing high quality art to everyone.
    The hipix® Art Initiative is the place to find unparalleled, ultimate quality, ultra resolution images of artistic content.
    From ultimate painting collections by master artists, to top photography albums by world renowned photographers, from collections of famous drawings, to jewelry and craft collections. Find all these and more, at absolute minimal prices, in this unique showcase of art.

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About us

Human-Monitoring(HM), the company behind hipix®, is a leading provider of innovative still image and video processing technologies, based on patented algorithms.

Our list of unique technologies includes:

hipix®, the best, cross platform, still image compression and display technology.

Leonardo digital video stabilizer.

HMs core competence is its original approach of utilizing open standards for enhanced user experience, while relying on the existing stills and video infrastructure.
HM also holds unique, patented, leading video encoding IP and products in the domains of H.264 and HEVC.

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