FAQ - hipix™

Q. What is hipix™ ?

hipix™ is an innovative picture compression format, which utilises the most advanced standard video technologies and existing infrastructure for 3 to 10 times more effective compression than JPEG.

Q. Is the technology limited to h.264?

No. hipix can be utilized using any intra-inter coding scheme, including MPEG 1/2/4, VP6/7/8, AVS etc. We preferred implementing our patent pending technology first using h.264 due to the wide HW infrastructure and market acceptance.


Q. Who needs hipix™ ?

Anyone who takes, stores and/or sends pictures andwants to maintain the pictures high quality and resolution, while reducing the size of the picture files.


Q. Why use hipix™ ?

hipix™ saves time and money hipix™ saves space on your hard drive hipix™ enables you to share more with friends and family.hipix™ enhances your user experience


Q. How do I save money using hipix™ ?

Mobile operators have announced that the days of unlimited data transfer are over. As a user you could be charged for sending pictures per MB. Using hipix™ you can minimize your picture’s traffic volume by 3-7 times, without compromising resolution and quality.


Q. How do I avoid filling up my internal memory using hipix™ ?

An 8MP (jpg) picture will probably absorb between 1.5MB – 3.5MB of your handsets memory capacity. A 12MP (jpg) from a fine quality camera will probably absorb 5-6MB When was the last time you deleted old pictures from your drive or SD card? Using hipix™ you can shrink your high quality JPEGs to 20% or more of the original size How does hipix™ enable me to share more with friends and family? Have you sent some high quality 12MP picture to a friend’s email? Have you sent a few pictures (of 3-4MB each) of your children to your mother? Since you probably replied “yes” to the first question and “no” to the second, hipix™ changes this by enabling you to share your images with everyone from your mobile or email: It also: - Prevents you from filling your friends’ mailboxes with big files. - Allows you to share pictures with your dear ones (or the ones you are dear too) while sending them extremely small files of high quality pictures.


Q. How does hipix™ enhance my user experience?

Did you set your camera to the highest possible quality? You probably didn’t, because you wanted to avoid large files. If you did set it for its highest quality, you probably suffer from having files that are too large. Using hipix™ you can tune your camera to its highest quality, then convert your gorgeous pictures into the hipix™ format, maintaining their immaculate quality at a fraction of the size .


Q. How do I view hipix™ pictures?

hipix™ pictures can be viewed using the hipix™ viewer, which can be downloaded for free (for a limited time) from www.hipixpro.com One can also view and manipulate hipix™ pictures with Photoshop® and XnView® software, using our hipix™ plug-ins.


Q. How do I convert my JPEG files to hipix™ format ?

Just download and install the hipix™ Wiz and Viewer from www.hipixpro.com (free for a limited time) The hipix™ Wiz is a simple to use utility, which allows the conversion of pictures in many formats to hipix™. One can also convert pictures using Photoshop® and XnView® software, after installing hipix™ plug-ins .


Q. How come hipix™ format is so superior compared to JPEG?

For a more detailed technological explanation click here.